NICU Alumni Podcast

Author and NICU Parent - Ali Dunn

November 02, 2022 Episode 2
NICU Alumni Podcast
Author and NICU Parent - Ali Dunn
Show Notes

Ali Dunn is the founder of Me Two Books and the author of four children’s books: I Was a Preemie Just Like You, I Needed the NICU Just Like You,  One of Two, a Twin Story about Individuality, and The Career Explorer: An Introduction to Career Development and STEAM Careers. She is also the creator of two e-courses about Career Exploration. Ali is the chief mom officer of identical twins born at 28 weeks. You can learn more about her books at and connect with her on her blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Ali talks about experiencing the NICU with identical twins who, like many multiples in the NICU, did not have identical journeys. She shares what it was like to have them discharged on different days.

Quick Notes from the Episode:

  • If you’re a parent of multiples in the NICU, consider the possibility that they may not come home at the same time. It could be helpful to make a loose plan for how to manage being home but also still in the NICU.
  • Your child’s Pediatrician will be one of the main medical professionals you interact with, especially when you first come home, so it’s important to ensure that they have some extra knowledge about what NICU families may have concerns about
  • A great way to work through your experience during and after the NICU is to write and journal your thoughts
  • Reading to your child in the NICU and once you’re home is a sweet way to bond and connect
  • Ali wrote a special note to coincide with this episode and you can read it here.

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